Leather Care

As a premium leather shop in Singapore, we only use the finest natural leather which is incredibly durable, eco-friendly, and beautiful that tells a story like none other and will age gracefully just like YOU.
Our leathers are naked and have no artificial finish - hence making is a fully natural product. A few scratches, marks, irregularity in color and texture are a part of this leather and only goes to show that it is a natural product; it is not water resistant, prolonged exposure to water can cause splotches or marks - eventually becoming part of patina.
minimalist leather briefcase
With proper care, this leather can last year after year and will become unique the longer you have it. The fibers of this leather will react to water by stiffening and shrinking. Keep it away from water for at least the first month or so of use, to allow the leather fibers time to soften and absorb oils to increase its natural water resistance. If the leather becomes wet in water just let it dry naturally as the leather is sensitive to high heat and can crack if heated to extreme temperatures, so do not use a blow dryer or heat gun on the leather, and do not store the leather in an excessively hot area. 
The leather color appears slightly different in different light and is noticeable while photographing it. Under the bright sun it appears lighter and inside a room, it appears a little darker. This is characteristics of natural leather. The pigmented leather on other hand has the same appearance irrespective of the light.
We recommend applying a little leather cream, once in a few months, which is readily available in shops, to the leather and rubbing it in with a soft cloth and your fingers. This will nourish the leather and restore its luster as well as replace essential oils and waxes to keep it flexible and resilient.

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