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Today, a new generation of disruptive brands are shaking up retail — direct-to-consumer e-commerce companies that build, market, sell, and ship their products themselves, without middlemen.

Keep the highest quality standards:

For a new age startup, it is critical to keep the highest quality standards to survive the test of time. Since the biggest sales front for us is our online store, we can only sell more by having the good word to mouth and online reviews. The good reviews are only possible by delivering the highest quality.

Optimize sales front, distribution and marketing:

premium quality at honest price

Unlike our traditional retail competitors, LAVNG is determined to experiment with different distribution models, from shipping directly to consumers and to partnerships with physical retailers. We don’t need to rely on traditional retail stores for exposure.

Our startup is not just competing with some of the biggest retail brands in the fashion industry by launching our own brand LAVNG, we’re competing more efficiently by rethinking not just the product, but also the retail model.

The questions we ask ourselves:

How to make keep things simple yet innovative: Not sell what is currently the best sellers, be brave and create a new best seller product. Instead of following the latest trends, create and sell just one prestige product that establishes that “no alternatives will do.”

How to get mass mindshare without overspending: The fashion market is huge and the brands that dominate them are usually well-entrenched and hard to disrupt. Our competitors are well-known - we are not. Our competitors spend millions of dollars on advertising every year - we can not. 

We need to get attention in purely unconventional ways - technology is our best friend. We need to get our name out early and start building up a reputation with both our early adopters and our potential future customers.

How to see each order not just as numbers but real people: It is our brand ethics to see each order as not just numbers but real people putting their belief in a new unknown brand in search of honestly priced quality.

A key focus for us is “quality.” We’ve talked about how we market ourselves and how slim, tailored product lines create a kind of prestige around our offerings. Even though the product is the most important aspect of "quality", the overall experience of buying the product especially for an e-commerce site can make a big difference.

It is important to take care of simple things like easy to understand and easy to navigate website, simple yet elegant packaging and above all personal touch in dealing with every single order.

honest price

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