The beauty of pure Minimalism!

LAVNG products are designed with the minimalist timeless look, which is not meant to be short-lived. It stays relevant today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.
minimalist leather bag
Minimalism is a visual concept that never goes out of style and stays valued year after year after year. It is clean, clutter-free and timeless - the main message in minimalism is to tell more by saying less. Today minimalism is everywhere, the fine arts, graphic, fashion, architecture, interior design and more.
At LAVNG, from leather cardholders to leather backpacks in Singapore, all leather goods in our collection are the hallmark of minimalist design from outside and loaded with amazingly unique features inside.
functional leather bag
Be it office, day trip or quick overnight, LAVNG leather goods are the epitome of cute and convenient on all occasions.
We designed the leather goods that we’d want to carry every single day. We went through multiple iterations of prototypes until we achieved perfection in designing your best daily companion.

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