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LAVNG has partnered with CustomMade (, a homegrown shoe label to display and sell LAVNG goods in the store.
Like LAVNG, CustomMade is also 'direct to consumer' brand which aims to disrupt the shoe industry as Donovan, the founder of CustomMade believes that 80% of men wear the wrong shoe.
CustomMade aims to personalize your shoe shopping experience by cutting out middlemen and cold mechanical mass production factory; it brings directly to you finest quality custom made products hand-crafted by passionate individuals and available at an honest price.
Visit CustomMade showroom to get a pair of well-fitting custom made shoe or the beautiful LAVNG leather goods. 

CustomMade Showroom

We do entertain walk in, but we would give priority to our appointments

82 TELOK AYER ST, #02-04, S048467

1.) The nearest MRT is at Telok Ayer MRT (Blue Line). (2 mins walk). Take exit B. You'll see a UP fitness on your right. (near PWC building)

2.) Cross the road. Our showroom is at the 2nd level located opposite the road from UP fitness. The door for stairway S94 is beside Ying Fo Fui Kun, a Chinese National Monument.

The nearby landmarks are: Pagi Sore, an Indian restaurant, and Tan Hock Seng, a Chinese pastry store. Facing these stores, the stairways are on the left (1 min walk).

3.) The door to the stairway 94 is beside Dong Fang Hong, a Chinese restaurant (right) and Ying Fo Fui Kun, a Chinese National Monument (left)

4.) Enter the door and head to the second level to locate our showroom.

The closest parking lot is Far East Square Parking Lot. (5 mins walk)

1.) Head down to the first floor

2.) Once you exit, walk straight. You should see Evolve MMA on your right.

3.) Follow the bend and turn left until you see Teh Terik Express, a beverage store, and AMOY hotel.

4.) Make a right turn into AMOY hotel and exit to Fuk Tai Chi Museum.

5.) Exit Fuk Tai Chi Museum and make a right turn. You should see UP fitness across the road.

6.) After a right turn, walk straight towards stairways S94.

You should walk past :

Cha Thai (closed down),
Tan Hock Seng, a Chinese pastry store
PAGI SORE, an Indian restaurant
Dong Fang Hong, a Korean Chinese restaurant.

7.) The door to stairways S94 would be beside Dong Fang Hong. (right of the door). Ying Fo Fui Kun, a Chinese National Monument would be to the left of the door.

8.) Enter the door and head to the second level, you should find our showroom.

CONTACT NO: +65 8717 0179 (DON)
Feel free to call/drop us an email.
Visit to book your appointment.