Our Factory and Leather

Where are the leather goods made?
Our manufacturer supplies to some of the top luxury brands in the world. You will see the high-quality craftsmanship, clean finished edges, and precision in every detail.
In this era of mass production, artisanal methods of tanning are rare. We source our leather from gold rated tanneries which only uses organically tanned leather.
What Leather Do We Use?
We use full grain, organically tanned naked leather: we love it and we think you will too!
It is the leather that you can feel good about owning as it is totally environmentally friendly, our leather is luxuriously soft with grains that can outlast the many years to come.
Our leather is tanned in an organic and environment-friendly manner using vegetable extracts. There is no use of chrome, heavy metal, formal dehydrate or volatile solvents in tanning process; unaided by potent chemicals, organic tanning takes much longer than chrome tanning (several weeks/months vs a day). 
Less than 10% of world leather is full-grain and organically tanned, making it one of the most expensive leather available in the market. It has a distinctive sweet and earthy fragrance and is soft to touch. If cared well, potentially last a lifetime and will develop a beautiful patina over time displaying the story of its unique journey.  
The top surface of a hide, or the grain, is the strongest part of the hide. "Full-grain" means that the surface has not been buffed or sanded to remove imperfections. It is much longer-lasting and durable than top-grain leather (which has been buffed or sanded to remove imperfections) or split-grain leather (which doesn't have any grain at all). 
Top-grain leather is more prevalent on the market because it's cheaper to buy low-quality leather and remove the defects than to buy quality hides. To us, split-grain leather is actually a scam, as plastic or rubber coating is done on top of leather splits to make it a marketable product.  
Our leather has been dyed the whole way 'through and through'. Pigmented leather, in contrast, has a coat of paint sprayed on top and is cheaper to make. Aniline leather without further artificial finishing is a fully natural product.